Attention: Recruitment Application Form

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Attention: Recruitment Application Form

Post  Edge on Wed Jul 20, 2011 5:31 am

Copy/Paste this form into the Recruitment section ( and fill it out. In order to be accepted you must have members vote you in.

New level requirement: 80

Main character (include it's level and class):
Alt character(s):
Active (Yes/No):
Participate (Raid/Pvp):
Willing to help the guild (Yes/No):
About your self:

Main character: Edge (79 Assassin)
Alt character(s): Rifle, Assault, Electrode, Fate
Active (Yes/No):Yes
Participate in Raid/Pvp (Yes/No):Yes
Willing to help the guild (Yes/No):Yes
About your self: I live in Australia, I enjoy long walks along the beach in the moonlight. When I have spare time, I take part in cutting people up in battlefields whilst listning to melodic QQ's. You get the point.

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