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Readme pls

Post  Nephast on Sun Sep 11, 2011 3:52 pm

Hi Guild ^^

I am a new member of the clan, first offer my apologies for bothering to create this post, But strange things do not quite understand about the new event of the Monsters HH.

this day (September 11, 2011) 2 hours before starting the event of the 12:00 am
I went to the place which had been killing for several days,
after waiting those two hours, arrived 2 characters, one called Psulia Berserker, and a commander named "Oleao"
<<or something I dont remember very well, I was talking to them telling them I was first
But they ignored my words and started to kill the mob ...

Ortho is a guild Sr., offered me help, but in the place was VanilaNinja and began to help the characters who had come later ....

VanilaNinja thought I was going to help, because he is the guild, but helped them, and then when i speak into the guild chat, scoffed at me saying "Dont cry, Dont cry"

then i talked to Optimus who took me to a new place where there are 5 mobs Refuge near Quarter
he said he would be gone, but that i could kill there.

I was surprised when I found out 5 Lords300, but Anubis was with his friends killing 4 mobs and I was killing one but I was happy.

Due to the severe lag I had in that time, I called a friend to help me kill the mob, and when he was almost dead,anubis's friends (Tonnymontana and others) killed my friend and killed the mob (they did not kill me).

I wonder if in the guild is there any rule that says we must first help those who are from another clan , and moreover people that arrived after of me..

also if there is any rule to allow see how like a member of the clan is killed (as did Vanila, I have a witness Ortho).

about what happened next with Anubis and his friends, well, I'm not angry, but I do not understand, how if they have 4 mobs, they needed to take off that was killing and also to kill my friend. .. I try to understand that, but did not reach a logical conclusion.

Since my entering the guild, everyone always showed respect for the members, is one of the many things I like about the clan, I respect all members and especially the masters, but I wonder if that respect is so weak, to be broken by a single event, I'm not annoyed by the mobs, if not I was 2 hours of my life in one place waiting for then offer help to others who came after ... I think that's a little unfair no?

Without further ado, I bid you farewell, wishing you a happy week

attentively: his friend Nephast

Post Data: So sorry for my english, i wanna learn english xD by skype xD ( ^^)(^^ )

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Re: Readme pls

Post  Drizzt on Mon Sep 12, 2011 12:58 pm

If Vanilla is in our guild for sure it shouldn't happened
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